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I am Jody, of "Jody's Transmissions". Welcome to the "DRIVELINE" section of "The Garage".

Mike Keller of "The Garage" and "Jody's Transmissions" have teamed up to provide customers with the best driveline service in the area. Our alliance and attention to detail will net you the best driveline set up for your vehicle.

Pro-Engineered DRIVELINE services provided by "The Garage" and "Jody's Transmissions" include, but are not limited to:

· Manual transmission restoration, rebuilding, and installation
· Automatic to manual transmission conversions
· Matching the replacement transmissions' first gear ratio to the existing differential gearing
· Dial indication of the bellhousing for concentric and parallel alignment
· Setting up the bellhousing clutch fork pivotball geometric height
· Flywheel weight performance options and clutch recommendations
· Clutch and throw out bearing replacement
· Optimal differential gearing for performance or economy

A little bit about "Jody's Transmissions":

I am a Tech Advisor on      and many other car forums frequently posting in the "Transmission & Driveline" section under username "JodysTransmissions".

For over 30 years, restoring, rebuilding, and assembling manual transmissions has been my passion, along with setting up numerous industrial and automotive differentials. This experience and knowledge has been an asset to acheive a perfect gear pattern  set up for every differential rebuild.  A perfect gear pattern provides a quiet differential on acceleration and deceleration.

We are an authorized Auto Gear Engineering (AGE) distributor, repair center, and transmission builder for their new style Muncie M22 4 speeds. Hurst-Driveline has also authorized "Jody's Transmissions" as an installation center for their Tremec TKO 5 speed and Tremec T56 6 speed transmissions.

"Jody's Transmissions" can engineer a custom manual transmission installation; such as a "bolt in" 5 speed behind the 1949-1953 8BA Ford Flathead. 

Having  advertised for many years in the "Auto Locator" under the parts section, we have met many great car enthusiasts.  We want to say "THANK YOU" for using
"Jody's Transmissions" for your driveline needs.

Moving forward, "The Garage" and "Jody's Transmissions" want to be your complete automotive repair and driveline center. Looking forward to seeing you at  "Hot Rods & Hot Dogs" cruise nights at "The Garage".  Check the events calender for the cruise night dates.

See more "Driveline" technical information below.

Best Regards,
Jody Haag
Jody's Transmissions LLC
Most 4, 5, and 6 Speed Repairs, Parts, Service, & Custom Installations
610-413-8015 (cell)




Bellhousing mis-alignment can cause the dreaded reverse gear crunch and produce a poor shift quality at any RPM. You can also expect premature wear of the crankshaft pilot bushing and the transmission bearings, bushings, and synchronizers. All bellhousings need to be checked for concentric and parallel alignment; especially the steel type hydro-formed blowproof bellhousings. If your engine was rebuilt and the machine shop line bored your crankshaft mains, you must re-check your bellhousing alignment.  

Below are the bellhousing alignment specifications for all transmission installations. 

Standard Automotive Bellhousing Alignment Specs:
Concentric: +/-.005" or .010" TIR
Parallel: +/-.001" or .002" TIR
Flywheel Runout: +/-.001" or .002" TIR

"Jody's Transmissions" Bellhousing Alignment Specs for +7,000 RPM Shifting:
Concentric: +/-.002" or .004" TIR
Parallel: +/-.0005" or .001" TIR
Flywheel Runout: +/-.0005" or .001" TIR

"Jody's Transmissions" Bellhousing Alignment In-Car Test:
1.) Drive your vehicle for a 10 mile ride or get the driveline up to operating temperature.
2.) Find a flat parking area, stop and apply your parking brake.
3.) Shift the transmission into neutral and idle your vehicle for about 10 seconds.
4.) Fully depress the clutch pedal, after 5 seconds, slowly shift into reverse. 
5.) If you have a reverse gear crunch, you may have a bellhousing alignment issue or need a clutch adjustment. See the “Clutch" and “Flywheel” section for clutch adjustments.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT shift the transmission into a forward gear before shifting your transmission into reverse for this test. Also, be careful shifting your transmission into reverse. The slower the better. Reverse gears are NOT in constant mesh and may be damaged if you force shift while having a clutch/bellhousing issue.

Aluminum and steel bellhousings can be dial indicated and aligned by using these offset dowel pins, available in .007", .014", and .021" offsets.

"The Garage" and "Jody's Transmissions" are here to dial indicate your bellhousing for proper alignment.


Clutch and Flywheel

A properly adusted clutch and bellhousing pivotball will net a 5-7 degree forward tilt of the clutch fork. This 5-7 degree fork angle will provide one inch of freeplay and the clutch will engage about two inches off the floor.





1957-1964 Pontiac/Oldsmobile Differential Rebuild

Jody Haag of “Jody’s Transmissions”
Reading, Pennsylvania 19606
Mike Keller of “The Garage”
Brownstown, Pennsylvania 17508

Parts Supplied by:
Southlake, Texas 76092

Drive Pattern for Mike's 1959 Olds Differential

Coast Pattern for Mike's 1959 Olds Differential

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